Saturday morning an earthquake struck Kathmandu, Nepal. Over 3000 people have been confirmed dead. This natural disaster impacts me in a bigger way than any other natural disaster around the world. As I previously said in my blog, I’m going on a mission trip to Kathmandu in June. Our mission was to go door to door and go to unreached villages in the Himalayas. Now, our mission will change. We will likely be doing relief missions and sharing the gospel and building relationships that way. I’m still looking forward to going on this trip, however my heart is very heavy for the families and people impacted that I will get to meet in the future. God bless Nepal and the families who lost loved ones.



Leadership Retreat

This weekend our annual leadership retreat for the Wesley foundation happened. This was my second time going to one of these. Even though I had to leave early it still was awesome. I got to stay for senior sessions which included alumni who went through the Wesley Foundation. One of those leading a session was Billy Reeder. Billy did a wonderful job talking about unity among the different ministry teams and how important it is. While the other groups talked about responsibility as a leader, pulling away from your past, and evangelism on campus. The leadership was a success in my eyes. I’m excited about being a part of Men’s ministry next year.


Triple Overtime!!!

The last show for triple overtime was this past Wednesday. I went from not knowing how to do radio. (which isn’t that hard) to knowing and loving the time I got to spend on the air. The guys made it an easy and fun transition. Alex Harper, Nathan Roger, and Vincent Mcnerlin, and I made a pretty good team. We talked about sports, which is what we liked to do. The last  show was a more free show than usual. We talked about previous athletic high school moments for each of us and did the show on a more personal level, which was quite entertaining. Listen in next semester!!


NLC That Night

This past week Josh, Shayla, Olivia, and I got to go to New Life Church, where part of the ministry team was hosting a night full of games and fellowship for college students. The night was extremely fun and provided some un-forgettable moments. The most memorable moment was the touchdown catch in ultimate frisbee by Josh to win us the game 5-4. The reason it is so memorable, is we were down 3-0 at one point. We also played games that included water balloons, marshmallows, and teamwork. Overall, the night was incredibly fun and extremely enjoyable to be a part of. Good job New Life Staff!


Guys serve girls night

The freshman ladies and lady frog leaders put on a dinner for the freshmen males and male frog leaders. We were expecting big things after a disappointing dinner last year. Last year they fed us chili’ dogs. This year though they provided us with some amazing food and entertainment. The women provided us with a tour of the safari, where they dressed up as African tour guides and African animals. The food was amazing as well. The women cooked us bacon wrapped chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, green beans, and rolls. The bacon wrapped chicken was incredible. I’m so thankful for women in my life who enjoy serving men and who are good at cooking.


Duke Wins National Championship

At the beginning of this month my favorite college basketball team won the NCAA Division 1 national title. The Duke Blue Devils were one of the favorites to win coming into the tournament. In the first weekend of the tournament, the Blue Devils defeated Robert Morris, 85-56, and San Diego State 68-49. In the second weekend of the tournament the Blue Devils defeated Utah 63-57 in the sweet sixteen, and Gonzaga 66-52 in the elite eight. In the final weekend and the final four, Duke defeated Michigan State, 81-61, and in the championship game defeated Wisconsin 68-63. They did all this by having 3 freshman in the starting five. The championship gives coach ‘K’ his 5th championship!