Handling adversity the A-Rod way

picture002Could you handle it as good as him? Alex Rodriquez has faced steroid allegations, been faced with telling the truth about cheating the game he loves, and hated by many for doing so.

Recently, Rodriquez the New York Yankees 3rd baseman was handed a season long suspension for his involvement with steroids, but because of legal reasons is able to play through the adversity. By doing so, he’s more than ever, fighting for his image and his legacy. The thing is, not only the MLB, but Rodriquez’s own organization have tried to prevent him from even getting a chance to renew his legacy and the type of person people will remember him as. Rodriquez though, has fought through and is playing better then he has in almost 2 years. On many recent occasions he has mentioned his renewed relationship with God, which is where I began to look at him in a different light. Too often celebrities turn to alcohol and drugs for the mistakes they make. The fact that he’s turning to God and doing the best thing he could possibly do in this situation, makes me happy and has made me forgive him for doing the game I love, wrong.

People make mistakes everyday. We as people on Earth, judge sin or mistakes in our own way, but we too often won’t forgive. I hope that more celebrities or people in general would turn to God, and realize he’s the only way to go with adversity. I’m probably the only person saying this right now, but be more like Alex Rodriquez, turn to God with your troubles, submit to him all you’ve done wrong, and ask for forgiveness. For once A-Rod is handling the situation the right way.


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