Manziel for Heisman

IMG_2980[1]                                                                                                                       Can someone win the Heisman that has been so controversial in the media and for his University? Johnny Manziel (Johnny Football) was last years Heisman trophy winner. Manziel was the first Freshman to win the coveted award for college football’s best player. The sky is the limit for this guy, if he doesn’t crumble under all the media hype/attacks and many would agree with me. Yet, Manziel has been in the news almost every week for the past two months, and not for good reasons. He has put the biggest target someone could have on their back. Everyone is talking about him, from NFL stars to college coaches. Very few have put him in good light right now. Manziel, still has to play though and that he is doing. “Johnny Football” is once again destroying his opponents and making a real case to be the first back to back Heisman winner ever. Have we ever had one so controversial? We just may this year.


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