Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is something  valuable and should be valuable to most people. The freedom to speak whatever you want, whenever you want, and how you want to, is part of what makes this country great. We as Americans have the freedom to tweet, post a Facebook status, or post a picture on Instagram anytime we please. This is part of what makes this country great.

We as a society have made it to where certain things are okay to say in certain situations, but also there are somethings not okay to say in situations. Sometimes we see situations where controversial opinions and conflicting ideas become public and adequately effect each party involved. People don’t like to have their toes stepped on, but isn’t that the whole point of having freedom of speech? The freedom to speak the truth gives us the opportunity to grow and be extremely real in crucial situations. From our governmental decisions to business decisions to even relationship decisions we see the benefits of speaking the truth. So, when asked the question about can a clear communication company infringe on an artist’s freedom of speech, I am supportive of the freedom to cut someone off of a radio station. 

The example given was when the Dixie Chicks stood in front of an England crowd and gave their unpopular opinion about the War in Iraq. Their opinion of course was against the war and caused one of the most controversial decisions and outcomes in the history of music. Radio stations across the globe cut the Dixie Chicks songs from radio play, due to the enormous amount of complaints and boycotts if people heard their songs playing. The Dixie Chicks career died quickly after their controversial comments, causing murmor about if cutting them completely off  was the right thing to do. Ten years later, I look at the situation and think to myself, well they were right about the war, and they had good intentions with their big picture opinion, but it was just poor timing on their parts.

I believe that there isn’t anybody in the wrong in this situation. Morally I could say that the people and radio companies should’ve been more forgiving towards the Dixie Chicks for their comments, and known how much of an impact it would have on their careers.

Yet, freedom of speech is shown on both parts in this situation. The Dixie Chicks just got the bad end of the deal.


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