A Day Without Communication

The assignment given to me this week was to go 24 hours without my cell phone or any source of technology that I use to communicate with. When I was given this assignment, I got a little excited, but I also remembered past experiences, when I’ve had my phone taken away. This experience would be the first time I’ve intentionally not had my phone and not used any source of communicative technology.

Within the first hour of not having my phone I was already noticing the effects. I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t relax, and I was constantly checking for my phone, but of course to no avail. My friends quickly noticed how more energetic I was and how ADD i had become. At one point I was walking around a chair and didn’t even notice it. My friends laughed but, the fact that I couldn’t check my twitter or instagram to avoid having to say anything or make eye contact with others was killing me. Not having that safety excuse to look at my phone was gone and in return energy was pouring out of me.

When Ashley, Josh, and I went to the basketball court behind the white house, it was probably the most energetic I’ve been since i’ve been down at Arkansas Tech. I of course won two games of h-o-r-s-e and lost in a game of 21, but none the less I was the most excited person out there. About this time I started to realize when I don’t have my phone I have more fun and am more aware to everything  going on around me.

Next, we went to the cafeteria and of course I was loud and more open than I usually am. Then we went to FMT or Freshmen Ministry Team and by this time I had calmed about not having my phone and started focusing on Jesus a little more. Then we went to the library to work on homework and this is when I realized the biggest benefit from not having my phone. I constantly wasn’t checking for text and updating my twitter newsfeed. I actually was doing my homework and getting it done a lot quicker than I normally would. This led to me finishing my homework and actually being less tired from doing strenuous homework. From now on, I think I’m going to try avoiding bringing my cell phone to do homework in the library, and I would recommend you do the same.

Bedtime of course was the hardest part of this whole process. Not ending the day checking my phone and reading about what everyone else did, killed me. I noticed how much longer it took for me to fall asleep because of it, but on the other hand, It gave me more time to think and re-look what I did that day. It gave me more time to seriously think about how what I did impacted others, and of course my prayer time was awesome.

After getting my phone back from Josh, I realized how much happier I was during the day, and realized how hard it was for me to stay away from my phone, but i’m so thankful I did it. I would recommend trying it or doing it with a friend, and looking at how different your day goes with and without your phone.


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