Tech HAS Talent

Yesterday evening, I got the oppurtunity to go to Tech’s got talent over at Doc Bryan. The first six acts just weren’t really up to the standards I had put on the competitors. Not saying, that they aren’t talented, it just wasn’t their best showing. However, the last six acts were incredible and definitely met my expectations I had on the night. The neat thing was how many competitors I knew competing. The Triple, which are 3 guys who are close to me, provided an outstanding performance. Along with, the Morris twins, the Hess siblings, and Katie Ferren and co. Overall, the last six performances ended up being the 6 advancing to the finals. I’m looking forward to next Monday’s competition. Go Alex, Ben, and Will!



Spring Break Shananigans

This past week at home a good friend of mine got to spend some time with me in my neck of the woods. Due to Austin and his family staying at Paradise Point Resort, we got hang out quite a bit. The peak probably of spring break is something that not a lot of people know. Austin and I were trying to go through an old pathway near the lake and ended up getting my truck stuck in the mud. Only one tire got stuck, but it was hub-cap deep. So we had to call an old friend of mine in the early hours of the morning to come pull us out. I didn’t get a picture of us being stuck, but i did get a picture of Austin playing ball against a 6th grader and almost losing!


Spring Break part 2

On Thursday afternoon, I decided to come down and surprise Allauna before she left for the weekend. She had no idea I was coming to spend the evening with her. What a blessing It was just to hang out like two love-birds again. I took her out to eat at Taco John’s(not fancy) and then took her to the movies to see a movie she had been hinting at for quite awhile to see. We went and saw McFarland USA, and it was an awesome movie. I recommend seeing it. After that night, I spent time with my brother in law and sister, and played with the dogs. I enjoyed getting my alone time for once, just relaxing and enjoying my break.


Spring Break part 1

Spring Break this year was such a blessing for me. For the first time in 6 months, I got to be home for more than 3 hours. Allauna, got to come home with me for the weekend and we just invested time into my mom, dad, and little brother. We played board games, had meals together, went on walks, and even a little back-roading.

One thing I’ve noticed is the older you get, the harder it gets to spend a lot of time with your family. Not because, you don’t want to, but because distance, and being adults begins to kick in. After this past week, i’m glad I’ve committed my summer to being home more. Not only do they need time with me, but I need time with them. Time is fragile, we are all on clocks, and the next time you see your loved ones may be the last before the Lord calls either you or them home. Remember to invest in whom you love.



One of the things I’ve dealt with since I came to college, is how to truly forgive. Forgiving, is something that is extremely hard for people to do, even as a Christian, I find I have days where I still reminisce over something someone did to me. One gift the Lord has given me is the ability to stay joyful and optimistic in times of stress, pain, rough circumstances, and death. All that ability from the Lord goes away when I am consumed by anger. Forgiveness I’ve learned isn’t a gift it’s a command from Jesus. In fact, Jesus commands us to forgive 70×7 times. My encouragement to myself and whoever reads this is to keep forgiving and forgive like Christ forgave you of your sins. Forgiving someone in the Lord’s eyes is something He expects of us.


Bracket Fever

Before the NCAA division 1 basketball tournament starts, a big attraction for fans is the tournament challenge. The challenge includes prizes for the person that can pick each games’ winner correctly. The person who gets the most correct wins a prize. Well this year, one of my brackets was doing extremely well after the first weekend. In fact, my bracket was at 99 percent correct. I was in the top 100,000 out of over 12 million people. When you think about it, that’s pretty dang awesome. After the second weekend was over, my bracket was down to 91% and after this past weekend down to 81%. In other words, I’m quite proud of my bracket this year.


College basketball’s greatest month

March Madness starts in 24 hours. The pinnacle of college basketball is around the corner. The next 3 weeks the sport will be the focus of millions of people across the United States and the world. The $20,000 prize for a perfect bracket adds suspense and makes the games mean more when your favorite team isn’t playing in them. I’m looking forward to my bracket and how it does. My team to beat in this tournament isn’t the Kentucky Wildcats, but the Duke Blue Devils. Of course, my favorite team is Duke, but I think i’m being logical enough to know that they are good enough to beat anyone in the tournament.